Welcome Eliana Jade

Welcome Eliana Jade

Welcome to the World
our beloved

♡  Eliana Jade  ♡

We love you.

May you be blessed with a life 
Torah, Chupah, and Ma'asim Tovi

love, Bubbie Joy

Eliana Jade named for blessed maternal ancestors, z"l, who greatly loved Aviva:
 Ethel/Etel (from Russia) and Joseph (from Brooklyn).

Eliana Jade - few hours old 

Maya & baby sister in mom's belly.

Eliana Jade & Maya Sage, big sister

One week!

Two weeks!!

Naked Lady pink lilies birthed week of birth of Eliana Jade
© Joy Krauthammer  8.31.2016

This Grandparent's Prayer for her new Grandchild

Gift of G*d, precious child, miracle, my little one. I will love it when you have your cheek by my cheek, and lay your head on my shoulder as has your older sister. It seems not long ago that I held your mom in my arms just this way. You are a sweet blesSing to me, a tiny messenger of joy. Welcome to this magnificent life filled with joys and adventures.
May the Compassionate One grace you with all things that are good and shield you from all harm. 
May our love be your comfort. May our faith sustain you. 
May G*d be with you, now and always, Amayn. 

MAZAL TOV!!!  I am so happy for YOU and your whole family.
May God bless you and your family with good health and happiness. 
May God continue to bless sweet Eliana Jade so that she can continue to be the answer to her family and friends any time they call upon God to help them, may she be the answer to their quest.
May her parents and loving grandparents raise her to be a healthy good human being who loves and follows the teaching of our Torah and Ethics.
Loving hugs,
Rabbi Miriam Hamrell
(Ahavat Torah)

There is no greater joy than being grandma
Much love
Rabbi Judith HaLevy

blessings abound!
mazal tov!
Rabbi Laura Owens

May HaShem bless Eliana and her big sister, Maya
and the whole family

Lots of grandmotherly nachas!
May you share rainbows and song birds,
huge doses of wonder,
lots of laughter, love & light

with your beautiful grandchildren for many, many years to come

love & blessings,
& a purple hug,
dear friend Ruthie Fogelman in OLD CITY, whom Aviva has photographed in Jerusalem.
~ ~ ~

Happy Day One by Gayle Gale

~ ~ ~ 

Welcome Eliana by Elana Cassit

~ ~ ~ 

Infinity Ring "Art and BlesSings for Eliana Jade"
by Charles Sherman
Congratulations to all of you. I am so delighted to part of your extended mishpucha.
: )

~ ~ ~ 

Wishing mazel and joy for Eliana Jade and her family
With love,
Julie Madorsky

Mazel Tov!!!!!!!!!!
Much joy and I know your world
will be ever so much changed...
You will have a permanent smile
and enjoy every second of your
grandchild's sweetness.
(Artist Joan Carl)

A blessing on your head - Mazel Tov Mazel Tov.  What a happy lovely family
☺ Merle Russ

Mazel Tov to you on the birth of one more precious addition to your family!!!!
Carol Russ

Mazal Tov
May you have an abundance of never ending nachas.
Jack Zohar

Wonderful wonderful. Mazel tov. May she grow strong, healthy and wise.   
Love, Marty
Marcia Cohn Spiegel

Much mazal and bracha to you and the entire mishpacha.
Rabbi Yossi & Necha Spritzer

Susie Goldberger

Wow..... Wow..... Wow...... incredible...... incredible.... Incredible fantastic fantastic fantastic........ sensational.. Sensational...... have I got a Dr. for you and is he's only two years old
Paul Hannig 

Mazal Tov to your and your whole mishpucha.  
May you only have blessings and good health for all. 
 Love, Linda Zweig

Mazal Tov on your beautiful new granddaughter! 

I know you will make her simchat bat a meaningful event that she can enjoy rewatching when she reaches her simchat chochmah thanks to modern technology.

Travel safely,

Jackie Ben-Efraim

Mazel mazel mazel!
May this beautiful new Spirit bring you tremendous JOY!!
With love,
Nicole Crouch

Mazel tov!  What a beautiful family.  

May you have much kvelling and joy!!!
Marlene and Neal Brostoff

Mazel tov! 

Wishing a beautiful baby, a blessed life of good health and Shalom!

Shoshi Wilchfort

 TOV !
Only nakhas and simkha and health and incredible family unity...
Yisroel Bar-Chaiim  aka yy

bubbiehood/savtahood suits us wonderfully!   : )
Miriam Fishman

Beautiful, Joy…and Mazel Tov.

The family looks so happy!

Grandma, Grandma…love to you!

xoxo  Amy Harris

Congratulations on the newest little addition to your family. The photo is delightful; 

And seeing the parents and the children brings me great joy.

Sheila Kesselman

Yay yay yay!! So happy for you. How exciting two grandchildren, fantastic.

Hesha Abrams

What beauty
What a gift from Hashem
Mazal tov bubby 


Mazel Tov! The whole family looks wonderful. Such a cute new face. I'm so happy for you. 

 Love, Darlene Rose

You have every reason to kvell, dear Bubbie Joy.

Keep kvelling Joy!  What a beautiful family and the baby.....!  See you on Shabbat, 
Love Sarah Barash

Mazel tov to you Aviva, Brett, Maya and the entire mishpacha.
How lovely for your beautiful Maya Sage and Eliana Jade to be blessed with their grandparents and great-grandparents. 
I'm sure Marcel z"l and other loved ones are blessing them from hashanyim.
May both Maya Sage and Eliana Jade bring nachos to the family and may you all share many revealed blessing in good health for many decades to come.
Faith Saunders

From love to love — Mazal Tov!
Yehudit and Reuven Goldfarb

May Ellie bring you and the entire family, much joy..
Love to all
Barbara Klaristenfeld

Mazel tov 🎶 Mazel Tov 🎶
Another sweetie pie to love. 
Les Goldschmidt

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